• – Osimo Series –
  • ✔ High Back, Medium Back, Low Back and Visitor 
    ✔ High Density Foam Seat
    ✔ 2 Locking Position Mechanisms
    ✔ Available in Fabric or Leather
    ✔ C/W chrome base and padded armrest
    ✔ Various colors available

Highback Chair
Model: EX-22
Size: 640W x 670D x 1150-1250H

Mediumback Chair
Model: EX-23
Size: 640W x 670D x 1050-1150H

Lowback Chair
Model: EX-24
Size: 640W x 670D x 950-1050H

Visitor Chair
Model: EX-25
Size: 640W x 650D x 970H