Clover was designed to flex and adjust to your body. The backrest’s top flexing edge lets you comfortably rest your arm on top of the chair. The flexing backrest encourages you to move and shift, to support any posture your body needs at any given moment. Also, The Clover chair offers one manual adjustment — seat height. The rest is taken care of for you. The self-weight adjustment mechanism naturally puts you in best position of comfort right from the start. When you first sit on Clover, it senses your center of gravity and adjusts to the position that will put the least amount of stress in your body, while still keeping you properly oriented and supported. When you move or shift posture, Clover does the same, allowing you to enjoy the chair in comfort.


– CLOVER Series –

✔ High Back, Medium Back, Low Back (with or w/o armrest) 
✔ Made in full Fabric or Leather with various choice of colors.
✔ 4D adjustable armrest OR fixed armrest in black finish.
✔ 5 pronged base in die-cast polished aluminium finish OR nylon
✔ 3 locking system mechanisms with seat slider to adjust seat depth
✔ Features ‘Flexible Backrest Edges’ that enable support multiple postures for freedom of movement.

Leather High back
Model: CV6110L-16D98
Size: 695(W) x 500(D) x 1375(H)mm
Fabric High back
Model: CV6110F-24A66
Size: 570(W) x 530(D) x 1325(H)mm
Leather Medium back
Model: CV6111L-16D98
Size: 695(W) x 500(D) x 1190(H)mm
Fabric Low back
Model: CV6111F-24A66
Size: 570(W) x 530(D) x 1140(H)mm
Leather Low back 
Model: CV6112L-16D98
Size: 695(W) x 500(D) x 1110(H)mm(
Fabric Low back 
Model: CV6112F-24A66
Size: 570(W) x 530(D) x 1060(H)mm
Leather Low back (w/o armrest)
Model: CV6112L-16
Size: 450(W) x 500(D) x 1110(H)mm
Fabric Low back (w/o armrest)
Model: CV6112F-24
Size: 450(W) x 530(D) x 1060(H)mm